Accessibility Statement and Human “Helper” Access Assistant Contact Information is committed to ensuring that people with disabilities can access the website.

We makes efforts and actively take important steps to improve website design to increase accessibility and have achieved substantial conformance with the (WCAG) Worldwide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

In addition, to compliance, we added an additional Human “Helper” Live Assistant, at our cost, to help any visitor with access.

We actively adjust this website to maintain accessibility for people who use assistive technology or who may require assistance.

Text to speech reader

We prefer the browser Microsoft Edge browser for reading text to speech. Here is a link to the browsers support.

Microsoft Edge

Font sizes

Many recent browsers support text resizing or page zooming to allow people to increase page size. See your web browser support for procedure if needed.

• Apple Safari (OS X)

• Google Chrome

• Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

• Mozilla Firefox

An additional layer of even more access assistant technology efforts were also built into the bottom left of every page on the site. At the bottom left of every page there should be a large blue square with the words titled “Accessibility Menu”. This additional access assistant may provide even more accessibility: It can make your desktop mouse arrow large, increase text sizes, increase text spacing, change contrast of the screen, pause animations, and help adjust the screen for dyslexia.

In addition, to any and all layers of provided and available access assistance we also made available a dedicated human access “Helper” to assist with accessibility to visitors. If any visitor encounters a barrier accessing this website here is the direct contact to a human being ready to help any visitor receive full accessibility and to communicate any needs, and the live human helper will do anything they can to help.

Accessibility Assistant Contact Form

Thank you,